Predilecta Paste

Guava Paste Can (Goiabada – guava)

  • 600g
  • $6.50

Guava Paste is smooth in texture and sweet in taste. It is eaten in many combinations, such as great for breakfast with toast, also eaten with cheese (this is referred to as ROMEO and JULIET), and even served hot with cheese inside an empada pastry( a miniature pie).

Guava Paste with Pieces of Fruit Termo

  • 350g
  • $4.00

Guava Paste Poli

  • 600g
  • $5.50

Guava Paste Block

  • 500g
  • $4.50

Sweet Potato Paste

  • 600g
  • $5.50

Another unique paste which is perfect with the guava paste on a cheese platter.

The Predilecta company is 100% Brazilian , which was founded in 1990 and is based in Matao, Brazil. It produces a large range of canned fruits pulps and juices. All of which is produced in its modern facility with care at all stages of business, which in turn results in products of high standards.

Goiadada (guava paste) is a popular desert found in many Portuguese speaking countries, dating back to the colonial days of Brazil.